When you are ELO boosted there are many risks that you have to deal with and the biggest one is the permanent ban. The developers of the game RIOT have a very strict anti-cheat policy and if you are caught, you will never be able to play again.

In the beginning, you will be banned for 14 days and the developers will remove your name from all the season’s rewards and you will lose the previous rewards as well. They want to keep it real. Using the LoL ELO boosting services means that you are playing with fire. Here we have a few tips that will help you to stay protected.

Select the services wisely

You might be amazed that most of the people never get caught while using the ELO boost. The reason is that they are using the best platform for the services. It is important that the service provider you select has the best and authentic security system that will keep the IP address protected when you are using boosting services. Make the right decision.

Dynamic vs Solo

If you want to hide the fact that you are using the ELO boosting the best way is that you invest in the dynamic services instead of the solo. The risk rate is different because:

  • When you have solo services someone else will play through your account
  • It will leave a clear pattern
  • Having a dynamic queue means that you can play through your account that is connected with other boosters
  • It will make it hard to detect that whether you are playing with friends or being boosted

Must have a VPN

In case you are unable to afford the dynamic boost and want it solo due to the quick results and fast services, a VPN is a must have. Your booster should be using the VPN as well so that all the tracks will be hidden. The booster will be providing his services to many players and in case he is using the same IP address for all it will make it easier to get caught.

However, the VPN will be the perfect solution for the issue. It will help you to get the public VPN that is almost impossible to track. It will make it hard for the developers to identify you as a single player and you can keep on enjoying the services of League of Legend ELO boosting. Small things can have a big impact when you are using the ELO boost so take every step wisely.

Bottom line

Keep in mind that the bans are automated and once it has happened that is no coming back. Even if you contact the customer service team and let them know that you have been framed they will never give you an overturn. So ensure that you never get labeled as a cheater and enjoy the benefits that come with LoL ELO boosting.

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